Due to its unique shape, Arti-Fol metallic Complete can be used individually on the left or right side or together for the entire dental arch.

The unique combination of a high-tech metal foil (Shimstock foil 12μ) and a two-sided color coating with micro-fine ground color pigments enables clear visible marking of all occlusal contact points.

The Arti-Fol metallic Complete BK 328 also precisely marks moist occlusal surfaces. Thus, it is universally applicable for all materials such as metal, ceramics, plastics (

including composites), and natural teeth. The material enables efficient grinding in, even with occlusal splints (bruxism). Centric and eccentric are indicated on the bite aid and can be shown consecutively with only one foil because of the two different colors.

One package contains 100 holders hygienically sealed in packs of 10.

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