Bausch Arti-Fol® is available in five different colors so that fully adjustable articulators, precise protrusion, laterotrusion, retrusion as well as stop and balancing contacts can be presented in different colors.

Bausch Gnatho-Film Soft Occlusal Film 16 Microns

Bausch Gnatho-Film has been developed to meet the needs of some dental practitioners for a soft and flexible occlusal film. The characteristics of Gnatho-Film are:

  • ultra-thin 16μ polyethylene
  • 6 μ soft color-coating consisting of waxes with hydrophilic components
  • extremely tear resistant

This unique film adapts perfectly to the individual conditions of the respective occlusal surface. The flexibility of polyethylene as well as the soft color-coating enable precise checking of the actual contact points.

Now Available in Jordan

Dimensions N/A

Blue, Green, Red

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