With the Ceramill M-Gin software module, it is possible to design the supra-construction as well as the individual crowns in only a single software step and without manual post-finishing within a coordinated and validated digital workflow. The combination of specially coordinated design parameters and a variety of validated materials make this Ceramill workflow unique. With the Ceramill Mindforms digital tooth library, which includes a Cutback as well as an optimized Thimble Library, all conceivable design variations can be reliably produced in first-class quality, regardless of whether they are monolithically, anatomically or vestibularly reduced.

REAX Full Contour – enables full zirconia frames with a large span and gingiva to be fabricated using the high-strength yet highly esthetic zirconia Zolid HT+ / Zolid Gen-X. The automatic cutback option and 5-axis ultra high definition milling machines provide for an unmatched esthetic appeal.

REAX Hybrid – with an unmatched variety of design options as well as validated materials and in cooperation with leading industry partners, REAX Hybrid represents the next level of advanced CAD/CAM in the Ceramill System.

Highly profitable restorations with maximum individuality in record time
Matched processes and materials create maximum safety and efficiency
Special design parameters and validated milling strategies reduce rework to a minimum
No limits for individual esthetic, therapeutic and efficiency requirements

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