The Ceramill M-Pass software upgrade module offers the possibility of transferring complex temporomandibular joint movements exactly into digital form.

With the Ceramill M-Pass software upgrade module, the data output from Zebris for Ceramill and Prosystom is imported into the Ceramill system and processed without any losses.

By importing the data, the virtual articulator CR is automatically programmed and the patient-specific individual jaw movements can be simulated.

In addition, Zebris for Ceramill fully integrates the digital facebow into the Ceramill system. By importing the Zebris data, the models are automatically placed in the correct position in the virtual articulator.

Ideal transfer of complex temporomandibular joint movements into the digital design
Situation transmission through special bite fork
Perfect bite situation due to coordinated system from recording to try-in
Compatible with Zebris for Ceramill or Prosystom
The digital facebow is completely integrated into the Ceramill System with Zebris for Ceramill

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