The new Software upgrade Ceramill M-Smile in combination with the Ceramill Mind design software now allow the esthetic planning, 3D design and production to be modeled in a continuous digital workflow. By starting the digital design process with the esthetic planning with Ceramill M-Smile the range of indications goes far beyond a mock-up and allows to use smile design as starting point for any type of digital dental indication.

For the visualization of the esthetic planning the additional module Trusmile is needed.

Allows to visualize the final restoration result and consult with dentist and patient before starting any work
Increases the satisfaction and acceptance of the patient by transferring esthetic planning into real life pictures
Simplifies the esthetic planning based on the facial proportions through intuitive tools and workflows
Automatic transfer into 3D design and seamless integration into the wizard guided Ceramill workflow for maximum comfort
Full flexibility: Applicable for all available indication types

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