With the Ceramill Map DRS intraoral scanner,

The dental situation of patients can be digitally recorded directly in the practice. This spares both the clinician and the patient the disadvantages of traditional impression taking methods. After scanning, the data can either be shared with the laboratory via the AG.Live platform or processed further in the dental practice using the Ceramill Mind DRS software and the Ceramill Motion DRS milling machine. All in all, the scanning process is faster: a full jaw scan, for example, takes about one minute for an experienced user and is more precise than taking conventional impressions. In addition, sharing data digitally with the laboratory saves on transport. This enables the fabrication of dentures within a single day. And if the denture is fabricated in the practice, even within a single session. DRS Intraoral scanner now available at JODLU Jordan

With the Ceramill Map DRS, dentulous partial and full jaws (before and after preparation), bite situations and implant positions can be scanned with the aid of scanbodies. Due to its slim design and light weight, the Ceramill Map DRS fits very well in the clinician’s hand and thus offers a high level of scanning comfort. Two scanning tips of different heights are available to the user so that difficult-to-access areas in the patient’s mouth can be digitized easily. These can be autoclaved (up to 150 times) and are therefore easy to integrate into the practice’s hygiene workflow. An intelligent algorithm documents the number of patients scanned in the scanning software. This gives feedback on the number of autoclaving processes. Software features such as: starting the scan without defining indications, automatic deletion of superfluous data (cheek, tongue, finger, …), sound feedback during scanning, color display of the scan data and recognition of the tooth shade offer further convenience in the scanning process. In addition, the preparation line can be defined in the scanning software by the clinician and transmitted to the laboratory.

DRS Intraoral scanner now available at JODLU Jordan

   .Your benefits from map drs intraoral Scanner 

  • Scanning of different situations: dentulous partial and full jaws (before and after preparation), bite situations and implant positions with the aid of scanbodies.
  • The slim design, light weight, different scanning tips and intelligent software features provide high scanning comfort. Conventional impression taking becomes superfluous.
  • The scan data and all other data, such as photos, X-rays, etc., can be shared instantly with the laboratory via the AG.Live platform. This enables the laboratory to quickly provide feedback on the preparation and/or scan. Under certain conditions, subsequent preparation or scanning can possibly be performed in the same session.
  • The digitized data and the transmission of the data via the AG.Live platform make it possible to fabricate dentures on the same day (depending on the geographical distance between the laboratory and the practice).
  • To be able to treat patients even faster, the Ceramill Map DRS can be upgraded to a full system at any time, allowing restorations to be fabricated within a single session.
  • Technical data for map drs intraoral Scanner

    • Dimensions (scanner with scanning tip): 41 x 45 x 249 mm
    • Dimensions (scanning tip only): 24.6 x 24.6 x 88.6 mm
    • Weight: 229 g (+ 109 g cable)
    • Connection to laptop*: USB (no other cables needed) *Laptop is included in the scope of delivery