Thousands of ceramists throughout the world have been faithful to this iconic product line. The collection of brushes “Clear Handle” is made from first choice and severely controlled Kolinsky sable hair. This offers you the confidence of the best possible quality: a very sharp and stable point as well as a superior hair resilience. With a concern for durability and rationalization, Smile Line has developed all sizes with exchangeable brush tips.

The shape of your brush tip matches your build-up technique or style and this is the reason why we propose not one but two different shapes of #8 brush tips: the “Regular” one, which is the best seller, and the “Long Tip” for who prefers a tip even longer and sharper.

The Cut-Back Instrument of the “Clear Handle ”collection allows you all options of reduction, sculpture and separation of unfired porcelain. It automatically comes along with its assortment of x-thin tools.


1, 3, 4, 6, 8, 8 LT, Cut-Back, DUST Brush, Full Set



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