Meisterstück handles are pieces of art, extremely rare and exclusive.

As a base, we took an aluminum rod with a slightly higher diameter. This rod was drilled, then rectified to the final diameter.

All the side openings were machined thanks to the help of a 1mm (!) bur.

Machining cycle, only for the tube (without counting the threaded connection parts that are added in a second time) needs 17’.

To this, it must be added sandblasting, anodization, machining and polishing of the PMMA tube that is inserted into the skeleton, turning and anodization of the aluminum connecting parts… and finally, assembly/gluig of the components, laser engraving, o’rings mounting.

Because of the number of components and the time invested for all the production steps, they are proposed only as a limited edition.


1, 2, Aluminum handle