Main Topics

Day 1

  • Course Introduction
  • Ceramill mind and it’s Icons
  • How to register a new case
  • Applications or The restoration types
  • Design a case of Offset coping
  • Design a case of Anatomical crown
  • expert mode (how to change the bite)

Day 2

  • Import a Bridge
  • Bridge Cutback Coping
  • expert mode (convert the bridge from cutback to full anatomy)
  • expert mode (add and remove connectors)
  • Design inlay
  • expert mode (edit on the model)

Day 3

  • Design a case of 6 units anterior
  • cutback for 4 units
  • model builder with 1 unit design, & sending the model to a 3D printer

Day 4

  • Design a case of 5 units bridge
  • expert mode (mirror and copy)
  • nesting
  • some tips for trimming the milled units

Day 5

  • How to design a Screw retained
  • Design gingiva with screw retained lower

Day 6

  • Design a Full case of (full upper implant case + gingiva)
  • Design a case of full upper 12 unit zircon with generic cutback