In dental technology, perfect working basis is a requirement for high-quality dental prosthetics, whereby the preparation
of the work has an important function. In order to optimize the integration of this working step into the process, we have
developed the AV 1000 preparation box and placed great importance on ergonomics and cleanliness in the working room.
The integrated blow-off nozzle, operated by a foot switch, cleans working models from grinding dust and pressed ceramics of investment material residues. The swivel glass, available with or without dust protection slats, reduces the dust
contamination in the laboratory working area to a minimum.

Both, quality and quantity are a prerequisite for an economically working laboratory. It starts usually in production scheduling. Here the foundation is laid for high-quality work. Therefore, special emphasis was placed on ergonomics, cleanliness and efficiency in developing the preparation box by Zubler. Through an integrated blow-off nozzle which is actuated by a foot switch, plaster models can be air-blown in the box. The protective glass and work block can be swung upwards. By removing the funnel, the drip pan can be removed and washed easily.

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