The Micro-Vibes is a pen size vibrating tool with exchangeable tips. Compared to a traditional brush for the application of pasty materials, it provides much more efficiency and consistency.

During the recent years, staining techniques have become very sophisticated with the arrival on the market of super performing milling materials. The Micro-Vibes used with the double-tip has no equal in matter of efficiency, precision and working comfort. It allows to apply the glazing or texture mass in a very uniform way, then the stains colors with an unbelievable precision… just in one firing !

The plastic spatula will be very useful for mixing ceramic powders (homogeneity – extract air bubbles) as well as for mixing/reactivating stains in their bottle or on the mixing tray.

No doubt you’ll find numerous other applications for your Micro-Vibes :

– paste opaques
– liners
– investing
– interdental gaps closing


Micro-Vibes proves to be a magical tool for working with light curing composites, increasing their thixotropic properties.

– Better adaptation of the composite
– Less sticky surface, i.e. less inclusion of air bubbles
– Increased control of material thickness
– More precise adaptation