N.era bRRRush is an idea of Roberto Devolio, MDT in Curitiba, Brasil. While bRRRush is using the revolutionary N.era tips, a unique « vibe zone » has been machined on its handle.

When letting the nail of your forefinger stroke back and forth on the surface, you create a micro-vibration which propagates up to the very end of your brush tip. The small portion of porcelain on your brush will almost “ detach ” while transforming itself into a small drop very easy to apply to your build-up. The short video clip below shows you how impressive it is.

The advantage of this technique lies in the fact that much less air is integrated in the porcelain during build-up, synonimous with less porosities in the porcelain after firing – spectacular especially in the incisal area.

N.era bRRRushes are available as a set of four siizes, n° 8, 6, 4 and 1 and can of course be ordered also as single instruments. The replacement tips are the same as N.era tips. It is also possible to order the handle of bRRRush alone, in case you wish to mount a traditional Kolinsky hair brush tip for example.


1, 4, 6, 8, Aluminum handle

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