NextDent Denture 3D+ for Ceramill is a biocompatible Class IIa material suitable for printing all types of removable denture bases. This material has significant lower shrinkage compared to standard PMMA denture base materials. Shrinkage can be compensated by using dental software resulting in excellent fitting denture bases. This material has excellent mechanical properties and is comparable to conventional denture base materials.

Available in colors: Dark Pink, Light Pink, Opaque Pink, Red Pink and Translucent Pink

Significantly lower shrinkage than standard PMMA materials for best fit results
Available in different colors for individual results

NPAGD3DP01000 NextDent Denture 3D+ / Dark Pink
NPAGD3LP01000 NextDent Denture 3D+ / Light Pink
NPAGD3OP01000 NextDent Denture 3D+ /Opaque Pink
NPAGD3RD01000 NextDent Denture 3D+ /Red Pink
NPAGD3TP01000 NextDent Denture 3D+ /Translucent Pink

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