Digital shade matching

Digital shade matching: digital color in the palm of your hands !

OPTISHADE STYLEITALIANO provides a new solution for shade matching that surpasses all the other digital color measurement devices on the market with its accuracy and repeatability!
The measured shade is communicated in L*a*b*coordinates, universal values in the world of colorimetry, very intuitive and easily interpretable by the user.

These L*a*b* coordinates are either :

interpeted by the user
used as a comparison with the commercial shade guides databases in the OPTISHADE STYLEITALIANO.
or exported to the Matisse software, which will calculate for you all the recipes and ceramic powders mixings necessary for the given case.

Full set of Digital Shade Matching including:

• 1 OPTISHADE STYLEITALIANO unit complete with Capture Guide Cone and Calibration Cap
• 1 lightning cable for connection OPTISHADE STYLEITALIANO/iPhone-iPad
• 1 USB Charging Cable
• 4 Capture Guide Cones
• 4 Calibration Caps
• 1 Instruction for use booklet and 1 quick start guide
• OPTISHADE STYLEITALIANO App (free) to be downloaded on Appstore
• 30 days free licence of Matisse software

Technical data :

Unit dimensions length 51 mm
diameter 81,5 mm
weight 60g

Functions with iOS iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch (not supplied)

Comes with the following two cables :
– Lightning

OPTISHADE STYLEITALIANO Digital Shade Matching available at JODLU Company Jordan