Bausch Articulating paper 12μ

Arti-Fol® 12μ metallic is a high-tech test film with distinctly improved features. This test film is made of metallic polyester film (Shimstock-film) only 12μ thick. The combination of a color coating and a metallic film offers certain advantages in some applications. This film possesses excellent color transfer. High spots can easily be detected, especially on ceramic or highly polished metal surfaces. The film is antistatic and can easily be applied even without using forceps. It is also extremely tear-resistant and ideal for resilience testing. In contrast to the conventional Shimstock film Arti-Fol® metallic marks the respective high spot precisely. Since the back of the film is metallic, it is obvious which side is color coated and which is not. It is therefore ideal for checking approximal contact points when fixing dental bridges and crowns. This test film can easily be applied using the Arti-Fol® forceps BK 145 for interproximal contacts. Arti-Fol® metallic comes in four different colors.

In addition to Arti-Fol® metallic, conventional Shimstock film without color coating is also available in widths of 8 mm and 16 mm.

The unique combination of a high-tech metal foil (Shimstock foil 12μ) and a two-sided color coating with micro-fine ground color pigments enables clear visible marking of all occlusal contact points. Arti-Fol® metallic BK 28 also precisely marks moist occlusal surfaces. It is thus universally applicable for all materials such as metal, ceramics and plastics, including composites and natural teeth.

The material enables efficient grinding in, even with occlusal splints (bruxism). The centric and eccentric are clearly indicated on the bite aid. The centric and eccentric can be shown consecutively with only one foil because of the two different colors.

Bausch 12 Microns Articulating Film Metallic now available in Jordan


Blue, Red, Red & Black

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