The OccluSense® system consists of the handheld device, inductive charger, a test sensor, and one box of 25 OccluSense® sensors.

OccluSense® Handheld Device

The new system developed by Bausch combines the traditional and digital registration of the pressure distribution on occlusal surfaces. The OccluSense® used in combination with the OccluSense® sensors is applied exactly like conventional occlusion test foils. The patient masticatory pressure distribution is recorded digitally in 256 pressure levels and then transmitted to the OccluSense® – iPad app for further evaluation. Recordings are stored in the patient management system of the iPad and can be reviewed or exported at any time.

OccluSense® Electronic Pressure Sensor.

  • 60 microns thin
  • flexible
  • color coated

The thin and flexible material permits the recording of both static and dynamic occlusion. Additionally, the red color coated sensor marks the occlusal contacts on the patient’s teeth.

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