Together with the Zolid DRS material, the Ceramill Therm DRS sintering furnace forms the basis for the High-Speed Zirconia Kit and thus for the ultra-fast fabrication of zirconia restorations. The new High-Speed sintering furnace allows the sintering of small zirconia restorations in only 20 minutes. The intuitive operating concept offers the suitable sintering program for every indication and thus significantly increases comfort in everyday routine. Unlike conventional sintering furnaces, this furnace uses a high-performance heating element, which exceeds all expectations in terms of speed, flexibility and energy efficiency. In addition, the High-Speed sintering furnace stands out from the crowd with its slim design and compact construction as well as combining the most important process steps in the fabrication of zirconia restorations in a single machine. The High-Speed Zirconia Kit offers every user an efficient and profitable process extension for the fabrication of zirconia in everyday routines – while at the same time maintaining natural esthetics and maximum safety.

High-Speed sintering cycle of restorations with Zolid DRS in approx. 20 minutes without any relevant loss of esthetics and strength
Innovative operating concept with individual sintering programs provides high comfort and safe workflows
Ideally suited for the rapid provision of single-tooth restorations through perfect workflow integration

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