Micro-Vibes is a multi-purpose tool of a new and innovative conception. Thanks to a micro-motor equipped with an excentric weight, it provides a unique micro-vibration («sonic» effect) which can be directed and controlled. By using Micro-Vibes for mixing, your ceramic’s properties will be enhanced and optimized, thanks to the homogenization of its grains before build-up.

More than this, Micro-Vibes allows :

– to extract any micro-bubbles from the mixture
– a local interdental condensation for closing any space after the first ceramic firing
– a regular and thin application of materials such as powder or paste opaques and liners for zirconia
– the activation of materials such as paste opaques and stains in paste
– a help for placing crowns and bridges on the model

Smile Line proposes a tip with the same design as for the plastic spatula, but realized out of a material owing peculiar properties: horn. This natural fiber offers big flexibility and excellent vibrations transmission at the same time.

You have the possibility to order separately a very special tool provided with two ends equipped with the two different Al2O3 beads : the regular 2mm bead and the 1mm diameter bead, very useful for interdental spaces.

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