The pin drill allows precise, fast and safe determination of the desired drill position. Drilling starts at the press of a button. The plate holder is fastened magnetically, securing the drill position.

In order to guarantee pin friction, identical, smoothfaced and regular holes are drilled into the giroform base plate. The precise drill guide also enables uniform drilling depth. These specific characteristics of the Giroform pin drill guarantee precise, fast and cost-effective model manufacture.

Laser beam for easy drill positioning
Plate holder smoothly adjustable thus ensuring safe and fast operation
Plate holder is secured magnetically and automatically when drilling starts
Automatic drill advance guarantees identical boreholes in the plates (0.5 seconds per drill cycle)
Ergonomically positioned tip-on buttons for a high degree of operating convenience and easy activation of drilling
Guide grooves ensure easy drill change
Universal plate holder for all sizes and shapes of Giroform baseplates with anti-rotation protection

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