Be curious. Ask the question « why » or « why not ». All of this arises from an attitude, a philosophy and an intentionality. This is what allowed Smile Line to develop new trends. With passion and great enthusiasm.

SlimPad PRO is proof of it. It is with no doubt that the SlimPad PRO is the most exclusive in its’ category. Be the envy!

– Base and lid: high precision machining in solid aluminum
– Surfaces: delicate sandblasting and anodization for a very soft touch
– Ultra-thin: the base is only 5.6mm high ( ! )
– Ergonomic and very compact
– Dimensions adapted to the needs for new materials and technologies
– Available in three versions: B-build-up / S-stains / C-compo

S Stains

– Exclusive mixing slab out of aluminum oxide (Al2O3), white – opaque
– Soft surface
– 25 depressions
– Extended preservation time for stains consistency
– Large and comfortable mixing surface

S Stains “Artist”

With the consistency of today’s generation of stains, it is sometimes no more an advantage to store them in small depressions (more difficult remix, flow over…). On the contrary, the fact of having a wide and flat surface makes personal mixings more comfortable and much easier. SlimPad PRO-S “Artist” has only 2 depressions.
The material used for the mixing plate is still aluminium oxide (Al2O3) that remains «cold» for a longer creamy consistency of the stains.

SlimPad PRO – PET protection pouch
Made out of recycled PET (collected PET bottles in the sea and on the coast in South-Africa), this pouch is the ideal complement of the SlimPad PRO (protection – transport), much appreciated by KOLs who are travelling a lot and suitable for people who are taking part to a hands-on course outside the lab.

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