Tinto mixing trays allow you to store premixed products like stains or paste-opaques, protected from dust. Although they are of a traditional concept (dry tray, reinforced polypropylene), Tinto trays profile themselves with their unique design, ergonomy and compactness (118x118x25mm). The lid is equipped with a panoramic transparent window made out of polycarbonate and allows you to recognize the contents of the tray at a glance.

Nowadays it is quite common that the same dental laboratory is using several brands of porcelains.
Tinto was thought in order to be stacked one over the other, saving this way much bench space. It will be childplay to indicate on the side with a marker the reference of the product on the inside.

Two models are available. The first has 9 wells of 18mm diameter and a smallerdeeper well for the liquid. The second model has 15 wells of 14mm diameter as well as two small-deep wells for the liquid.

Tinto is supplied with two pieces, either two identical models, or one of each.


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