Together with the High-Speed Therm DRS sintering furnace, Zolid DRS forms the basis for the High-Speed Zirconia Kit and thus for the ultra-fast fabrication of zirconia restorations. The restorations can be sintered in just 20 minutes and offer maximum efficiency with a natural appearance due to the perfectly coordinated 16 Vita shades with integrated shade and translucency gradient. Numerous studies have confirmed that the fast sintering cycle has no relevant influence on optical or mechanical properties. Both laboratories and dental practices benefit from this innovative High-Speed sintering process enabling them to add the so-called “Same Day Crown” to their service offering. Due to the extremely shortened sintering process, single-tooth crowns and three-pontic bridges can be realized in just one day, from preparation to final insertion.

Learn even more about the High-Speed Zirconia Kit in our online lectures on demand:

High-speed sintering: is there magic in zirconia sintering today?
Rapid sintering technology with Ceramill Therm DRS – insights into design, development, function and application
The High-Speed Zirconia Kit in everyday laboratory use

Full contour crowns and bridges (max. 3 pontics up to molar region)
Anatomically reduced crowns and bridge frameworks (max. 3 pontics up to molar region)
Veneers, inlays, onlays
Individual abutments

Natural beauty due to translucency and infinite shade gradient, perfectly matched to the Vita shade guide
Maximum safety substantiated by numerous in vitro studies and classification into Class 5 of the zirconias
Broad range of applications due to diverse indications, various block sizes and different holder connections

Tooth Shade

A1, A2, A3.5, B1, B2, B3, C1, C3, D2, D3

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