The extraction unit Ceramill Airstream is suitable for the following devices from Amann Girrbach:
– Ceramill Motion (suction adapter Art. No. 179601 included in the delivery contents)

– Ceramill Multi-x/Base

– Smartbox Invest

This extraction unit can be used with every device listed in Amann Girrbach’s product range. Likewise, this extraction unit can also be used with every device previously listed in Amann Girrbach’s product range (e.g. Diacut Vairo, Multitrim, Milltrim). The separate mains cable attachment allows automatic operation with the CNC milling machine Ceramill Motion. The Ceramill Airstream has a special filter bag and a HEPA micro filter, which filters up to 99.97% of fine dust particles (i.e. zirconium oxide dust particles) and is classified in the fine dust particle category M.


– Weight: 16kg

– Electrical 230V/3.6A, connection values: 110-120V/7.0A

– Hertz: 230V/50Hz, 110-120V60Hz

– Performance: 1000 Watt

– Noise: 52dbA

– Bag capacity: 10l

– Hose – diameter/Length: 38mm/1.8m

– Adapter diameter: 37-38mm, HEPA micro filter (99,97%), Filter class H12, dust class M