Weighing and mixing plaster and water by hand is too imprecise and time-consuming by the high standards of the dental laboratory.

Aside from ensuring a consistent high degree of dosage precision, the Smartbox is easy to operate and pays for itself within a few months. Using the new dosage technology, the plaster is sprinkled very finely into the mixing beaker, which noticeably increases the homogeneity of the mixture.

Time, material and plaster savings of 20 to 25%
Finely sprinkled plaster using the new patented plaster dosage technology
Multifunctional turn/ push button for simple and quick programming and programme selection
Easy operation – error-free working for everyone
Reproducible mixing ratio at the push of a button, accurate to within a gram
Integrated scales automatically measure the dosage or for manual weighing
Enables clean and dust free operation

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