Advanced Press Furnace


The ADVANCED PRESS™ process ensures a homogeneous temperature distribution from the thermocouple of the press furnace to the interior of the press muffle and guarantees the ideal temperature range when pressing lithium disilicate. As a result, this technology ensures perfect surfaces, minimal reaction layers and extremely short pressing times.

TTC mode enables linear cooling*

The exceptional software and lift technology enable a linear cooling process in TTC mode: In this program, the user determines the freely selectable cooling rate after firing. Cracks in the ceramic or the dreaded “chipping” are a thing of the past.
* only available in the VARIO PRESS 330.e ZR.

Fully automatic, dynamic baling pressure control

The electronically controlled pressing pressure control recognizes the required forces during the work process depending on the geometry of the pressed objects. With different volumes or wall thicknesses, the VARIOPRESS 330 automatically and dynamically regulates the pressure during the entire work process. Premature termination of the pressing with resulting defects in the pressed objects are almost impossible.

Z-Drying mode – effective and time-saving

A virtual sensor calculates the lift position at short intervals depending on the current temperature inside the firing chamber for a constant temperature of approx. 150°C over the entire surface of the tray. This process prevents the ceramic from cracking or blistering.

Safety through PFC (Power Fail Control)

In the event of an unforeseen short-term interruption in the power supply, the PFC is activated: after the fault has ended, the electronics return to the point in the program where the interruption occurred and end the program normally.

USB port download service center

After successfully registering your VP330 in the service area of ​​the Zubler homepage, you have access to our extensive database. Log in and download the programs you need or the latest software from the library of all dental ceramics on the market. In addition to the extended warranty, you will receive all services in the download center and are therefore always technically up to date.

Full touch display and intuitive menu navigation

The VP330 presents itself with a large and clear full touch display. The modern and contemporary menu navigation stands for more efficiency and ease of use. Whether it is a one-off intervention in a running program or permanent changes to the program parameters – working with the VP330 proves to be child’s play