zirconia sintering Furnace

Minimized costs in daily operation

The high energy efficiency of 1.12 W/cm3 and the innovative control of the heating are responsible for low follow-up costs in the daily use of the stove. They also guarantee a long service life for the individual elements in molybdenum disilicide (MoSi2), which can also be replaced individually in the event of a failure.

Individual sintering process

Time efficiency plays a significant role in modern dental laboratories. Therefore, not only conventional sintering cycles, but also speed processes can be programmed in the S400 in order to work with the greatest possible economy. All heating phases (maximum five) allow a heating rate of 1°C to 100°C/min to be freely entered. The sum of all holding times is a maximum of 420 minutes.

Time Temperature Coo (TTC)ling

The proven TTC mode (time-temperature-cooling) is available in the VARIO S400. The special feature of this process is that the sintered objects are brought back to room temperature in an actively controlled, linear cooling to avoid damage.

Full touch display and intuitive menu navigation

The VP330 presents itself with a large and clear full touch display. The modern and contemporary menu navigation stands for more efficiency and ease of use. Whether it’s a one-off intervention in a running program or permanent changes to the program parameters – working with the VP330 proves to be child’s play.

Molybdenum disilicide heating elements for speed and long-term sintering processes

The four molybdenum disilicide heating elements ensure a homogeneous heat distribution in the combustion chamber. Whether in a conventional sintering process or in the time and energy-saving speed process, zirconium frameworks are individually manufactured to the highest quality standards.

2-level sinter bowls with large combustion chamber

The newly developed Zubler sinter bowl system is characterized by special material properties in daily use. The high-purity material, similar to that of a thermal protective shield, ensures a homogeneous temperature distribution inside the carrier and protects the sintered objects from discoloration.

Regeneration program for permanently renewable heating elements

This program protects against “burning” of the heating elements. A kind of protective layer forms on the surface of the heating rods and prevents the decrease in the effectiveness of the heating. The service life of the heating elements is noticeably extended.

USB port download service center

After successfully registering your VP330 in the service area of ​​the Zubler homepage, you have access to our extensive database. Log in and download the programs you need or the latest software from the library of all dental ceramics on the market. In addition to the extended warranty, you will receive all services in the download center and are therefore always technically up to date.

zirconia sintering Furnace available at JODLU Company Jordan

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