Features and properties
Technical Datas
Width: 200mm
Height: 675mm
Depth: 590mm
Height with handle: 410mm
Weight: 14KG
Voltage: 230V AC ±5%, 50-60Hz
Throughput: 15-50l/sz
Noise level: 41-57dB(A)
External operating element
For greater convenience during use we have developed an external operating module that you can install in addition to the device in a freely selectable place at the workstation. Always at head height, you can monitor and control the unit and obtain important information directly from the suction unit.

40-year partnership between Freuding Labors & Zubler Gerätebau
The two companies are bound by a partnership that has lasted 40 years, in which they have worked side by side for convenience and performance in your dental laboratory.

Controlled level switching
The Z1-AT has five suction levels, whose performance at the first four levels can be freely adjusted and saved by the user. The device also features intelligent regulation of the suction power, which adapts itself to the specified setting depending on how full the filter is. It thus ensures constant performance irrespective of the level in the dust container. The fifth suction level serves as a boost for short-term maximum suction power.

Motor technology
Like all Z1 suction units, we use the latest technology for controlling the motors in the Z1-AT too. A hitherto unequalled guaranteed lifetime of 5,000 hours can be achieved by replacing the carbon brushes several times.The user can check the actual running time of the motor in the system at any time with the help of a display of the working hours that is visible in the Zubler suction technology app.

Compatible with Freuding workbenches
The new Z1-AT suction unit has been designed such that it can be integrated in the simplest possible way and without modifications into the installation spaces of all previous and current drawer suction units from Freuding. This enables you to replace an existing system by the new generation Z1-AT and to use all of its technological progress.

Bluetooth interface with Zubler suction technology app
This interface in conjunction with the Zubler suction technology app enables you to obtain a great deal of information from the suction unit. You can make individual settings conveniently from your Smartphone or tablet and contact us via remote maintenance when service is required. In addition to that you can get information about the motor running time, filter service life and much more besides.

The use of high-quality insulating materials reduces the noise level of the Z1-AT single workstation suction unit to a minimum.

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