2-station-unit with dirt container, permanent filter and automatic filter cleaning for workstation and appliances that generate large amounts of dust. Extendable to up to 4 suctions points by means of AP501 single modules. Prepared as standard with exhaust air connection.

For universal use in laboratories and workplaces.

Quiet, requires little maintenance thanks to brushless suction turbine with bypass air-cooling and elaborate exhaust noise insulation.

No filter bag: A permanent filter with automatic filter cleaning system replaces the filter bag and thus renders the tedious bag exchange obsolete.

Effective: Separately exchangeable and affordable filter cartridges for separation and fine filtration.

Powerful: For extraction from belt sanders and sandblasters.

Extendable at any time: Up to four alternatively usable suction points by means of additional external suction point openers.

Gain in space: The FZ1 is not located directly at the single work station and therefore doesn’t hinder work.

Perfect for connection: Exhaust air connection prepared by default, air return alternatively possible.

Durability and easy maintenance thanks to high-quality components and modular design.

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